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ADC Solutions

ADC Solutions deals with the range of the chemicals,serves and fulfills to most of the industrial segment which are mainly Oil and Gas Drilling Industries, Textile, Ceramic, Cement, food and beverage industries. Keeping in mind the seriousness of the application and the adverse effects of substandard quality of the products, we always procure from renowned manufacturers of respective products to meet not only domestic end users’ requirement of the products but also international client. We also ensure that chemicals are stored and packaged appropriately to maintain its shelf life intact.

Under the efficient leadership and guidance of our mentor and our team of most educated and well experienced Techno-Crats, we have initiated the field of chemicals supply and other specialty Chemicals as a part of Supply Chain. Our Team’s proficiency and immense knowledge of a supply chain in Chemicals and Industrial Sector, always worked as a driving force, with his support our whole team is going deep in brilliant chemical supplying process.


ADC Solutions, is a Chemical Supplier and Importer - Exporter company located at most versatile business hub Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We import and export wide range of Chemicals in whole India and globally.


We supply a wide range of Chemicals for many of the Industries in India and globally.


1. Promising VS Implementing: We are focused on implementation, rather than wasting our client’s time and money behind mere promises.

2. Quality VS Quantity: Quantity requires speed, but somewhere affects quality. So, our second objective is to maintain a balance between speed and quality.

3. Cost VS Relationship: Every business stands on two core values i.e. product pricing and client relationship. So, we focus on to maintain the client relationship by quoting a reasonable price.

4. Support VS Sales: Sales and Services are two sides of a single coin and we know the effects and affects of services after sales. We focus more on Services and this attitude of our company has helped to retain existing clients.

Find the right product and get benefit.

The goal of supply of Drilling and Speciality Chemicals