Product : Calcium Carbonate Appearance : Fine Powder, Course

It is a commonly available as minerals calcite and aragonite. It is added to drilling fluids as a formation – bridging and filtercake-sealling agent. It increases the density of drilling fluid to control the downhole pressure.

Standard Technical Specification
Items Values
Physical State Free Flow Powder, no visible impurities
Moisture Content at 105 deg C 2.0 % max
Solubility in 15% HCl at 24 Deg C ( 20gram in 100 ml acid) 93% min
Sieve Test
(a) Fraction passing through 300 mesh BSS or equivalent sieve
(b) Fraction passing through 400 mesh BSS or equivalent sieve

98% min
30% max
Specific Gravity at 24 deg C 2.6 min

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