Modified Starch is starch derivatives which are prepared through treating native starch physically, enzymatically or chemically. Modified starch are used in all starch applications, as in food products as thickening agent, stabilizer or emulsifier or as a binder in coated paper. This is used in many other applications too. Starches are modified to enhance product performance. Starches increase product's stability against excessive heat, acid, shear, time, cooling or freezing , to decrease or increase their viscosity, to lengthen or shorten gelatinazation time or to increase visco stability. Modified Starch is obtained by processing corn or wheat starch with high temperature, alkali, acids or enzymes; it is available in synthesized form. This product is widely used in many industries globally.

Types of modified starch
Application of Modified Starch

On the basis of large applications modified starch has promised industrial aspects because of its environment-friendly and bio-compatibility nature.

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