What is drilling detergent?

Drilling detergent is chemical that breaks up solids or liquids by turning them into small particles which results in particles are separated and dispersed from the oil and limit foaming in a muddy medium. Application:

As the drilling detergent suppliers provide fine quality and useful application of Drilling detergent:

  • • It acts as an aid to enhance the water flooding capacity
  • • It also acts as an active surfactant
  • • It is used to wash rig and as a cleansing agent
  • • Efficiently extracting oil from the mixture of oils
  • • Maintain the integrity of bore well
  • • To improve thermal stability and for lubrication of well
  • • Aid the extraction of oil from foamy and muddy mediums
Items Values
Physical State Homogenous Liquid at 24 deg C
Density at 24 Deg C 1.0 to 1.1 G/ml
Surface Tension of 0.25% (v/v) Solution of the sample in Distilled water at 25 dec C 35 dynes / cm
pH of 1% (v/v) solution of the sample in distilled water 7.5 to 10.5 v/v

How can our drilling detergent company save your company money?

Due to the heavy use of oil well, machine decrease its production and due to a decrease in production the efficiency also decreases because sand, waxes, emulsions, etc will build up with oil. But our drilling detergent supplier and exporters provides a good bore cleaner which clean and separates sediments and emulsion, and then more productivity can be achieved by using less energy to extract. By cleaning the oil can flow faster through it and also increase the life of a well. Our drilling detergent suppliers and exporters give the best quality of Rig Wash which is must for drilling machines. It takes less time and money to clean machine and reduces the costly accidents by improving the safety condition and helps to prevent contamination from impacting an environment at the drilling area.

Additional money saving uses:

We offer you the product having quality to:

  • • Keep your coil tube clean and unclogged.
  • • When detergent is dilute it became efficient engine cleaner.
  • • A slick water surfactant produces high-pressure shale fracture can be achieved by drilling detergent.
  • • It plays a key role in effective cleaning of spilled oil.

Benefits of drilling detergent:

  • • Use of drilling detergent in various drilling sites relies on water base drilling fluids.
  • • It benefits in reducing the formation of bit balling.
  • • Both in fresh and sea mud water it is capable to emulsify the oil.
  • • The present viscosity of contamination is reduced from oil.
  • • During drilling operation. Drilling detergent minimises torque and drag.

Find the right product and get benefit.

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