Sulfonated asphalt is made from sodium asphalt sulfonated through a unique sulfonation process. It is a total mud conditioner which is used to stabilize shale formations, it increases lubricity, lowers temperature, water loss and increases filter cake properties in the combination with both oil and water based drilling fluids.

Sulphonated asphalt product can be mixed mostly in water-based and all oil based and synthetic mud. You may find Sulfonated asphalt in two different forms: regular and potassium enhanced.


Sulfonated asphalt is a mixture of Gilsonite, blown asphalt lignite, caustic soda and blend of latter compounds. This additives uses because of foaming in water, it is partially soluble in water and fully emulsion in the fluids. It is useful with dry additives and reacts with shale to prevent or stop sloughing and swelling. Sulfonated Asphalt reduces high temperature, high press fluid loss. It significantly increases lubricity, either alone or with the combination of synthetic oils or glycol. It prevents stuck drill pipe. Useful at softening point especially with un-reacted additives.

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